Tom Daschle Withdraws and the Implications on the US Healthcare System

Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination on Tuesday as President Obama’s nominee to lead the Health and Human Services Department. Mr. Daschle had failed to pay back approximately $128,000 in back taxes, and Mr. Daschle insisted that he withdraw so as to not become a distraction within the Obama Administration.

This loss comes at a bad time since President Barack Obama has promised to invest millions of dollars from the proposed $819 billion stimulus plan toward computerizing all medical records within the United States Healthcare system. Other goals within the administration include developing a “smarter,” more efficient electrical grid, since these systems are not thermodynamically beneficial as most energy is lost in the ground, and upgrading the infrastructure involved with Internet access to allow use of more areas of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Mr. Daschle withheld a peculiar propensity toward understanding healthcare as he was a a co-author of a book on health care called “Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis,” a 240-page pragmatic discussion that reveals the logistics and need for universal health care as a top priority in our country in an increasingly globalized world. “This is a very real setback for the administration because Daschle has unique qualifications,” said Drew E. Altman, president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, which focuses on health policy.

With Mr. Daschle’s departure, Senator Max Baucus of Montana, chairman of the Finance Committee, and Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, chairman of the health committee, have been developing ways to shape a healthcare plan that will work.

Sure the healthcare issues within this country will be recognized and solved, it will take some time, however, to work out a plan that is contingent with the current economic status of the US as a new secretary of health is installed. A few possible replacements that are in talk include Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, Gov. Edward G. Rendell of Pennsylvania, Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm of Michigan and former Gov. John Kitzhaber of Oregon, all Democrats.

MAYBE HE’S SAVING THOSE PENNIES BECAUSE HE’S NOT PAYING THEM! The best part is when the commentator calls Daschle cheap, not to mention his car looks like it’s emitting 20% of the Earth’s greenhouse gases…


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