Water Lovers – BEWARE

Chromium has been linked to lung cancer when inhaled, and now new issues have arose since chromium hexavalent is actually ALLOWED to be in water supplies.  Many people might recognize this chemical because it was made famous by Erin Brockovich  and a small California desert town who concluded that this was in fact a carcinogenic agent. 

“Based largely on the new cancer findings, California and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials are reevaluating what concentration is safe in water supplies. Within a few weeks, California is expected to announce a proposal to set a new health guideline,” as stated on the Scientific American magazine website.

The issue arises because it seems that no matter what, chromium is allowed to be in the water supplies even though it poses a real threat to the lives of any person who consumes it.  

Other cancers that are possible by chromium hexavalent (chormium 6) are mouth cancers and possible liver and pancreatic complications due to the chromium infiltration of liver and pancreatic nodes.

The debate is focusing on whether hexavalent chromium is neutralized in the stomach by gastric acids that turn it into Chromium III, an essential nutrient.  In this case, the debate becomes increasingly more controversial and complex because not every detail of the breakdown of chromium is well understood yet.


The complete story can be found at sciam.com or by clicking on the picture below:


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