Kathleen Sebelius is New HHS Nominee

As announced by the New York Times on February 28, 2009, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas has been asked by President Barack Obama to become his nominee for secretary of health and human services.  This position is an important one, especially as Mr. Obama reveals his healthcare reform as part of the stimulus bill.

The former nominee for this position was Tom Daschle, who withdrew because he had failed to pay approximately $134,000 in taxes for the use of a car and driver.  

Ms. Sebelius has been in the limelight relating to Mr. Obama as he was running for president, where she was recommended for positions ranging from vice president to other cabinet positions.  Ms. Sebelius’ nomination for this position  stems from her endoresment to Mr. Obama during his 2008 Presidential Campaign against Sen. John McCain.

“Unlike Mr. Daschle, who had negotiated a dual-hat arrangement in which he would also serve as White House health czar, Ms. Sebelius will serve only in the cabinet. It remained unclear who might take over the White House position.”

Ms. Sebelius most definitely complements Mr. Obama’s healthcare reform plan outlined within the stimulus bill since she, if confirmed, “will be a key figure in the battle to extend health coverage to more than 40 million uninsured” individuals.

It is in the Obama Administration’s best interest to choose a candidate for this position who is willing to go the distance in the sense of reforming the current healthcare system in the U.S..  It is a very daunting fact that third-world countries like Cuba have universal healthcare, yet a superpower like the U.S. does not.  This fact underscores the need for a reform and an immediate one at that.  Without a reform, more and more people who have already lost their homes, defaulted on their credit card(s) and are having trouble receiving loans for whatever other cause, will soon see no end to this vicious cycle that this nation has gotten itself into.  At least on the banking side, there are federal programs such as TARP (Troubled Assett Relief Program) to help turn mud into water, but for these people who must pay for healthcare on top of these myriad problems, the light at the end of the tunnel is fading.


~ by jrn320afigueroa on February 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Kathleen Sebelius is New HHS Nominee”

  1. “It is a very daunting fact that third-world countries like Cuba have universal healthcare, yet a superpower like the U.S. does not.” While I agree with most of this article, please, please, please don’t use Cuba’s health care system as a model. It’s smoke and mirrors like much of Castro’s propaganda. Too few doctors, short on supplies and medication, dirty hospitals, rampant lack market operations. Health care for the elite is great, but for the masses is a mess. Hardly something to strive for. http://talkingcuba.wordpress.com/

  2. The notation of Cuba’s healthcare system as a model of comparison to the U.S. healthcare system seems to be a moot point. Our healthcare system in America is in dire need of reform — regardless of whom we are compared to.

    We must take into account the large number of Americans who do not have any healthcare coverage at all as well as those who have been financially devastated by the cost of catastrophic illness and their inability to pay.

    Suffice it to say: 47 million Americans have no health insurance or coverage, which means they cannot access the excellence in healthcare that our country has to offer. Additionally, approximately 25 million are underinsured, with 101,000 Americans dying each year just because they had no healthcare insurance at all.

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