Video Games Holds Promise to Improve Vision

Recently, there has been research that has proved the case that playing action-packed video games, like Unreal Tournament and Halo, actualyl improves contrast sensitivity naturally.  

It was previosuly thought that this type of improvement could only be done with eyeglasses, contacts or surgery, until an article published by Nature Neuroscience revealed otherwise.  

The study was conducted by a team of researchers led by University of Rochester in New York professor of brain and cognitive sciences Daphne Bavelier.  As mentioned in an article in Scientific American Magazine, “research published in 2007 in the journal Psychological Science and 2003 in Nature indicated that action-filled video games significantly sharpen vision, helping the brain focus on visually complex situations, keep track of multiple items at once and process fast-changing information.”

It is amazing that video games have come such a long way from Atari gaming to mega-bit and top technological advancements in new and improved gamer interfaces.  The amazing part is not that, however, but in the miraculous realization that visual acuity and contrast sensitivity can be posivitely modified simply by playing a large quantity of action-packed video games.

Now, these video games aren’t puzzle, Pac-man-like games that tantalize strategy-making parts of the brain.  Rather, they are first-shooter, sports and driving simulation games, such as Halo and Call fo Duty, Madden and Fifa, and Gran Turismo.  Even Grand Theft Auto would fit into this criteria, which is mind-boggling if one thinks about the positive possiblities of altering the cognitive receipt of the information stemming from the retina in the brain.  In other words, these video games can potentially alter the way the brain receives information from the retina, ultimately “training the brain to make better use of this information.”  

Play on gamers!

The article can be found here


~ by jrn320afigueroa on March 27, 2009.

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