Indian and American Healthcare Dichotomy

India and the United States are two of the most influential countries in the world, however the level of care via the medical professionals in the two are sharply contrasting.  Stony Brook University student Maheshawar Jani commented that there isn’t much of a “healthcare system” over in India because of the lack of enforced law.  This is a very different outlook on the way people view the politics of healthcare as opposed to the United States, which is very systematic in its approach.  

The United States also has flaws, despite being a superpower.  The United States houses the fastest growing ethnic population of Spanish/Latino individuals, yet these people are also ranked number one in the amount of uninsured.  The problem with these numbers is that many of these indiviudals are aliens that are not registered to live legally within the United States.  Hence, many of them are hesitant to become a legal resident, therefore acquiring healthcare is last on the list.  This leaves the possibility open for an infection to transform into an illness, and the emergency room of many hospitals feel the pinch as an effect of this hierarchy of events.  This is a serious domestic dispute that raises many issues dealing with immigration, homeland security, foreign policy, healthcare ethics and politics amongst others.  

The United States, India, and just about every other country, developing and otherwise, is becoming increasingly globalized (or Westernized depending how one interprets the picture).  The main dispute is how to deal with this changing environment in which everyone is being subjected to.  There aren’t any real clear answers at this point in time, but there are opinions.  There isn’t any legislation shining a spotlight on any resolutions either, but there is social networking and other forums being utilized to discuss them on a digital interface.  The world is changing, and the time is ripe for the healthcare systems that bind people together to improve the overall quality of care to catch up.

To help offer some insight into some real people commenting on their experiences, here is a short video that I constructed pertaining to the different healthcare systems in both the United States and India.


~ by jrn320afigueroa on April 17, 2009.

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