Brain Structure and its Connection to Autism

Here is an article published by Scientific American Magazine, which takes an in-depth look at the hills and troughs of the brain, its development and corresponding anomalies, particularly linked to autismclick here

The basic cell unit of the brain is the neuron, which is responsible for receiving and sending electrical impulses to and from the brain.  Neurons allow a person to perceive all things, even emotions.  It can be understood, then, that an individual whose brain is problematic will have problems coping and understanding the world surrounding him or her.  

This is a huge area of concern for today’s physicians, psychologists and social workers.  Many of these professionals work with pharmaceutical companies and their products in order to sustain brain function or at least make an attempt to gain functionality, given that a loss-of-function has occured.  Families and friends of those who are neurologically-impaired understand that everyday is a struggle, and this is exponentially true with every increased degree of intensity.

As more and more research is undergone, hopefully the challenges we face today witness tomorrow’s solutions, highlighting the importance of the health sciences and the medical field in today’s world.  Governments on a global scale must always be willing to fund research, old and new, to maintain a promise to neurologically-impaired individuals regarding the medical attention they need to improve their quality of life.


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